AlienMC was founded just over 2 years ago, following suggestions from the /r/FeedTheBeast subreddit, to attempt to create a public community for anyone interested to play modded Minecraft without some of the hassles that you find in other servers. We have no whitelist, an involved staff, and no donation benefits of any kind. We are not a money-making entity and everyone who is a part of our administration does so as a volunteer for the community.

We also do our best to not restrict mods wherever possible. While there may be an item here and there banned for one reason or another, we offer a full modded experience that prioritizes community, both server wide, and in player made villages and town. Overall, if you’re interested in SMP, and either haven’t visited us yet, or weren’t happy with your last visit, now’s a great time to stop in. On behalf of the whole administration staff, it would be great to see you. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them on Discord or Reddit.

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