No Whitelist. No Pay-To-Win.
Just pure FTB.
...Oh, and fun.

Launch, General Info, and More!


With TPPI 0.3.0 now released we have a launch date!!!!!!
Launch Date:  March 14, 2014
Launch Time: 5:00 pm EDT ( 2100 GMT for our Europeans)
We will have Plots available at spawn for you to show off your town/make a town shop. For More Information
Yoiu can also have a town portal at spawn, For More Information
Member status will not carry over from the last maps (we are unable to locate old files and can not verify it so do not [...]

State of the Server 2/23/2014


As of today the server prep is winding down and we are getting very close to setting a launch date!
I have also sent out the first round of Spawn Builder emails today. Please make sure you fill out the response form. If you don’t receive the email, Make sure you check your spam box. It was sent from my personal email account.
If you don’t make the builder list, feel free to give us your ideas for a spawn build
As of [...]

Site Overhaul


Thanks for everyone’s help with our Stress Test this past weekend. We’ve just switched our site to something very new and custom made, and it’s going to be rolling out/built up gradually over the next few days. Pardon our mess, it’ll look real nice when it’s done!