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IP: ftb.alienmc.co
Players: 1/30
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About AlienMC

AlienMC is a no whitelist FTB server, and the official server of /r/FeedTheBeast. We pride ourselves in having no paid benefits of any kind, and do our best to provide a fun, welcoming environment for anyone to play Feed the Beast packs. Stop in, say hello, we're always accepting new players, and always interested in meeting new people.

Our current map started June 5th, 2015. We are running a modified version of TPPI2, accessible via the FTB private pack code 'PurpleAlienPenguins'. The pack comes with the current server information already saved in Multiplayer. Feel free to contact us on reddit if you have any other questions or problems.

A note to parents, we cannot guarantee that this server will be child safe. We restrict very little in terms of discussion, as long as it is not disrespectful or bigoted.

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